Spina is participating in the 7th Mozambique International Mining, Energy, Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition

The 7th Mozambique Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy Conference & Exhibition is taking place at the prestigious Joaquim Chissano Conference Center, in Maputo. The two-day event is happening from 10 to 11 June and takes place under the theme “Use of Natural Resources as a catalyst for Development and Economic Diversification“.

MMEC is the largest Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy event in Mozambique, where Spina is operating by following the Coral South Project (https://www.spinagroup.com/en/projects/coral-south-project/) and with a branch, SPINA MOZAMBIQUE LDA.

Mozambique is among the African countries that have experienced strong economic growth in recent years, due to the fact that the territory offers a vast amount of natural resources, in particular natural gas, coal and titanium. Foreign direct investments have been playing an important role for the economic development of the country thanks to the influx of capital, technologies and skills and the opening up of new markets.

Participation in MMEC 2020 is essential for investors who wish to take an active role in advancing the Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy industries of Mozambique.

If interested in meeting us in MMEC, please contact mozambique@spinagroup.com

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