Spina, Just Solutions.

Solutions for industrial plants

Spina is able to handle major orders to support the development and maintenance of industrial plants thanks to the technical and commercial know-how acquired over 30 years of experience.

Spina, organized in 4 business units: Production, Bulk & Systems, Laboratories & Workshops and Spares & Consumables, handles directly every step of the supply process, including analysis of the project requirements, evaluation of make or buy strategy, shipping of the materials and on-site supervision.

The three made in Italy product lines, Eurocavi, Schiavetti e Atex, makes our company a major player in all sectors, allowing for prompt and flexible performances in accordance with the specifications of each project.

Spina is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This means performance measurement, analysis and continuous improvement as well as constant boost towards excellence. The company collaborates with the major certification bodies, such as UL, IMQ and CESI.

Tailor-made solutions for industrial plants since 1990

Small things become great when done with love and passion. I do believe that passion is the element which gives life to new ideas and makes each project succeed. Our goal is to put energy in everything we do. We operate like this since 1990!
- Franco Spina

Made in Italy Production

The three product lines, Eurocavi, Schiavetti e Atex,  represents a distinctive feature of our company, characterized by continuous growth and technologically advanced innovation within the “Industry 4.0” perspective.

The right team for the success of your projects.

In Spina we guarantee prompt and flexible performances in accordance with the specifications of each project. Our expert engineers, technicians and sales managers always provide the best solution to exceed our customers’ expectation . This makes the difference. This is our strength.


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Fondazione Spina Onlus

The Foundation contributes to the satisfaction of human needs by carrying out, promoting and supporting positive actions designed with commitment, studied with responsibility and attention and developed with passion for the benefit of everyone, particularly the elderly, the disabled and disadvantaged children.