Wire Mesh Cable Trays

System of wire mesh cable trays
The line of wire cable trays in metal has been developed to be used in different application sectors:

Food industry
Telecommunication industry
Construction industry
Oil and Gas Industry

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As with the other cable tray systems in the catalogue, the Spina Group wire tray system is a complete system of straight elements, shelves, covers, connectors and accessories for fixing, this allows the installer to purchase compatible products, so to reduce the time required for adaptations during assembly.

The wire mesh cabe trays are available in different finishes and materials and sizes:

304 stainless steel
316 stainless steel
glossy finish
matte finish
When there is a need to join several linear elements, the appropriate connectors without bolts or quick connectors are available which make assembly easier and therefore faster.

Various accessories are available for installation such as floor supports, single-rod fixing brackets, wire mesh suspension brackets, wall supports (shelves), partition wall for walkways, covers and universal clips for coverage. The availability of many accessories makes it easier to assemble in different environmental situations.

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