Zohr Field Development Project

Egypt / Shorouk Block, Mediterranean Sea / Oil&Gas / 2019

Zohr is an offshore natural gas field located within the 3,752km² Shorouk Block, within the Egyptian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), in the Mediterranean Sea. The field, situated more than 150km from the coast, in front of  Port Said, represents one of the most important discoveries within the Mediterranean sea and it is a great opportunity to meet the energy demand of Egypt.

The project, commissioned by Eni, involved a high rate of highly technological solutions for the creation of an infrastructure that respected time, costs and quality from the exploratory phase to the start-up.

Spina has cleverly integrated the high technical and commercial skills of the work team by participating in the project as a specialist in providing customer-tailored solutions for industrial plant engineering in the Oil & Gas sector. In particular, the infrastructure development project posed a challenge to manage a highly complex order.

LV and instrument cables, cable trays and junction boxes have been supplied customized according to national and international regulations.

The team of technicians and engineers dedicated to the project provided solutions according to the specifications and regulations of the project and thus for the, elaborated the commercial and technical proposal by identifying products suitable for the plant requirements with the consequent realization of drawings and data sheets of the products prior to supply/production.

The supply of material for lighting the plant was also important: a complete system of marine buoys and signaling lights for navigation for keep fishermen away from the danger of burning torches.

Spina, thanks to the skills and know-how of the engineers has formulated solutions based on the study of the project specifications and related analytical methods and available spaces to supply and install turnkey electrical laboratories.

In particular, for the installation of electrical laboratories, Spina supplied complete kits for charging and discharging batteries, equipped with wireless modules to monitor the flow, protection relay test kit which allowed any type of on-site test to be carried out. Other dedicated instrumentation supplied by Spina concern a single-housing PD (positive displacement) flowmeter used to control the passage of raw diesel and have a flow rate indication, in addition to the in-line pressure transmitter.

Also the logistics services offered by Spina was important: tests and inspections were undergone before the packaging of the supplied material in the production sites and in our central warehouse. The boxes have been organized in order to allow the timing optimization of the installation phase on site.

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