Spina has obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification, which means quality assurance and an approach to continuous process improvement.

The company, which collaborates with the major certification bodies – DNV, UL, IMQ and CESI – aims to achieve the following objectives in compliance with its field of application:

  • Achieve maximum customer satisfaction in terms of product and service methods;
  • Promote a methodological approach focused on the systematic collection of data and their analysis with a view to continuously improving performance within the organization;
  • Respect the legislative and regulatory requirements as well as any other mandatory requirements signed by the organization;
  • Make resources and means available fitting with the objectives and targets set in terms of competence, equipment, information, economic / financial resources and constantly monitor their adequacy;
  • Manage the natural resources and waste materials deriving from its activities in a sustainable and prudent way;
  • Train, inform and raise awareness among all workers and stakeholders to perform their duties according to safety standards;
  • Keep an integrated Management System in place for the prevention, control, mitigation of its impacts, and possible risks/opportunities.

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