This year, for Christmas, Spina has decided to support Auser Lombardia, the regional section of Auser, a voluntary and social promotion association that since 1989 has been supporting people to improve their quality of life and relationships and to guide them. the exercise of international solidarity, with particular reference to intergenerational relations.

The pandemic has put a strain on all of us and, in particular hard conditions have to be tackled by the weakest social categories, such as the elderly and the disabled. For this reason, Spina wanted to give concrete help, by donating the amount of money usually spent for purchasing Christmas gifts for its customers to Auser Lombardia, in order to support the volunteers of the association, engaged in the front line for carry out home delivery of groceries and meals, social and health support services and telephone company service with the aim of providing support to the people most affected by the consequences of Covid-19.

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