Spina Group srl is now a member of the JAGGAER Supplier Network, which is a market-leading network of 150,000+ active unique suppliers. This step is very important for our digital transformation to supply innovative solutions to our customers about e-procurement.

Spina Group interfaces with the Jaegger procurement platform to provide a more complete service to its customers.

For Spina Group it is essential to better manage the entire eprocurement process, from the qualification of suppliers to the post-order phase. In fact, in order to satisfy the most varied requests it receives from its customers, the company interfaces with a wide range of suppliers for the different product categories it supplies.

This is also possible thanks to the interfaces developed by Spina with the various eprocurement platforms including Jaegger. Jaegger is specifically designed to collect and analyze purchase data, to manage an orderly and tracked communication with suppliers and to automate the repetitive activities of the eprocurement process.

Spina Group, thanks to the eprocurement service, is able to streamline the purchasing process of its customers by reducing the process management times (requests, purchase and delivery of the material).

How does Jaegger work?
Automation makes it possible to classify and normalize a large package of data in order to evaluate the performance of suppliers through an impartial approach in line with prices and conditions that comply with contracts. Therefore, the timing related to administrative processes is reduced, limiting unnecessary expenses and encouraging purchases from the catalog, with a view to procurement.

A further advantage of the JAGGAER platform is the possibility of interconnecting with all company systems, enabling integrations with different ERP systems and with third parties.

In fact, Jaegger makes it possible to simplify the shopping experience with a solution that allows users to find the product they need, thanks to an intelligent guided path. View and compare items from available electronic catalogs, punchout and managed, all in one place.

For Spina Group, joining the Jaegger platform is an excellent opportunity to improve the procurement service, the strong point of the services offered to its customers.

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