The new Spina’s e-procurement platform is now live for our Master Agreement customers. The new release is more “user friendly”, since it allows easier navigation by product / brand / item category. 

The user will be able to find product images, technical data sheets, and sales prices, as well as  completing the purchasing process in accordance to the company’s policies and the term of the contract. 

Furthermore, the eprocurement platform comprises a catalogue of more than 500,000 products. 

The access to the platform is granted to customers who adhere to the services of Spina Group’s Master Agreement commercial area. 

The eprocurement service is particularly suitable for companies that have a large network of maintainers and installers spread over a large area.

Moreover, the e procurement platform of Spina easily adapts to the specific needs of customers with a dedicated assortment and according to customizable purchase policies. 

On of the main advantages of this kind of service is that Spina Group’s experts are able to provide on-line assistance to receive clarifications or suggestions of a technical nature.

Please contact customerservice@spinagroup.com for more info!


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