Spina joins Elite, the international platform dedicated to companies with high growth potential


Spina joins the Elite club along with 32 other Italian companies selected.

Elite, the international platform of the London Stock Exchange, founded in Italy in 2012, with the collaboration of Confindustria, offers the possibility of approaching a path towards the Italian Stock Exchange, thanks to the support and expertise of professionals who work alongside the selected companies in the path of organizational development and governance.

The platform welcomes 33 new Italian companies thanks to the partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo and among these we find Spina. The new realities that come into Elite are the result of a consolidated and strategic collaboration between Elite and Intesa Sanpaolo, which now reaches the fifth edition since the very beginning, after the two Elite Intesa Sanpaolo Lounge of 2018 and the two of this year, including the most recent dedicated entirely to female entrepreneurship. Elite supports the success of SMEs on a global scale, supporting companies on the one hand and entrepreneurs on the other, in order to achieve their vision and their goals by working closely with the international network. The aim is to achieve a lasting socio-economic impact in order to approach the most representative sectors of Italian industry closer to the stock exchange.

How does Elite accelerate the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises? Through an innovative path of organizational and managerial development aimed at increasing the competitiveness of companies, so to attract more investors. It is a complete program for entrepreneurs and managers that stimulates evolution and organizational change to support companies in the realization of their growth projects. In particular, the Elite platform bridges the gap between demand and supply of capital, allowing professional investors to contribute to the growth of some of the best private companies on the international scene. The selected companies are provided with tools and services designed to prepare themselves for finding capital and seize new opportunities for visibility and networking, thus facilitating the growth and cultural rapprochement of companies to the forms of funding available, including public and private capital markets. Elite supports companies at all stages of the growth path by offering a training, tutoring and access to alternative financing sources.

Marco Spina, Spina’s managing director, comments with enthusiasm on the new challenge: “Joining the Elite project allows us to explore new growth opportunities both in Italy and abroad. We can count on a network that includes advisors, investors, experts, entrepreneurs and institutions that bring us closer to capital from the most appropriate sources for our business and thus give Spina visibility for the industrial and financial community.”

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