Spina launches its first E-commerce

Spina launches its new e-commerce channel in the Netherlands, with the aim of expanding the service to the rest of Europe in 2024.

An online purchasing platform for 100% Italian production: cable trays, valves and manifolds are the categories present at the launch, with the aim of increasing the offer by the end of the year with the main products in the catalogue.  E-commerce becomes an integrative tool for Spina’s sales network and technical staff, which will offer existing and potential customers a new, elevated and dynamic purchasing experience, thanks to a simple interface designed according to the needs of Spina’s major partners, who have been collaborating for decades to design solutions with high technical and engineering know-how.

“This is an instrumental choice for the renewal of our production and distribution system that looks at the most up-to-date customer experience models, realised on the basis of a precise analysis of the purchasing process and the services related to it. One of our objectives is to continue to focus on digitisation, paying particular attention to product/service customisation, while ensuring the same level of professionalism and flexibility. A team of technical and commercial experts, a dedicated customer service and a specially designed logistics service will manage the new channel and accompany the customer on this new fluid, self-service and digital path,” the words of Marco Spina, Managing Director of Spina Group.


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