Team Building 2019 – WE KNOW THE WAY!

One of the values ​​that characterizes Spina’s corporate culture is teamwork. For this reason, every year, the management organizes a Team building experience, a way of allowing Spina’s collaborators to know each other better in order to form a team that works. The purpose is to create collaborative dynamics among people and stimulate positive behaviors within the workplace. At the same time, we want to improve team spirit and feeling of belonging to the company. The participants at the team building are divided into groups to tackle a challenge, adopting their own strategy, to win the game or activity proposed.

This was the year of Orienteering, the sport in which participants use a detailed topographical map in scale reduced (from 1: 4.000 to 1: 15.000) and a compass to navigate between checkpoints along an unfamiliar course. The aim of the game is to reach as many as checkpoints in the shortest possible time. Orienteering usually takes place in woods, but natural environments in general or the historic centers of large cities can be used. A standard route consists of the start and the control points indicated by circles (centered in the object to be found) joined together by imaginary lines (each athlete makes the journey by himself) and characterized by numbers that indicate the control points.

We have chosen to organize the activity in the woods of the Parco dei Colli in Bergamo, the ideal location to get away for a day from the chaos of the city! The activity of orienteering in the woods looked as a metaphor to indicate that in the routine of everyday life it can happen to find ourselves lost sometimes. However, there is a silver lining about getting lost: finding ourselves, also thanks to the help and support from colleagues, who with a smile, a joke or a word remind us that we can and must team up!

For this reason our motto for the day is WE KNOW THE WAY: guided by our values: excellence, energy, passion, we know how to find our way back to our goal. We are a family company, every person is important and knows how valuable their contribution is in terms of professionalism and spirit of collaboration. We believe that every day is a challenge and every challenge is a new opportunity to be faced with passion and curiosity. We like to explore, discover, grow!

Thanks to our values, our people, the innovative approach and the strong relationship building, we are a company that wants to carry out big projects. Thanks to all the participants, we have achieved our goal: to improve the team spirit while having fun. Spina knows the way!

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