Our cable trays production plant has a new welding machine!

On Friday 22 February 2019 the automated welding machine, a cutting-edge machine for processing cable trays was inaugurated.

Spina is going through a process of growth. The trend towards excellence and continuous improvement typical of the lean approach sees us as protagonists of new challenges that we are also applying to our production lines.

The installation of the automated welding machine makes it possible to halve the welding processing times of cable trays, guaranteeing an optimal result. The process of welding the cable ladders, a product designed to withstand high linear flows, was in fact entrusted to a contractor and delivery times to the final customer, even if wisely monitored and organized, were lengthened.

The fourth industrial revolution has introduced the era of intelligence for which companies are not only required technology, but a feature integrated with it able to predict market challenges. A further step forward of the automated welder consists in fact of the connection of the machine to the ERP management system which, thanks to the centralization of the information and the analysis of the KPIs, allows the optimization of the productivity through the simplification of the processes and the consequent reduction of the timing and the quality of the final product. The line with our management software makes it possible to exchange complete data on production, work orders, pieces made and above all qualitative parameters on the realization of the products that will be archived for each order executed, creating an effective traceability on the lots produced.

The inauguration day allowed to bring together the whole company staff at the production plant and thus create a moment of exchange between the different operational areas. At the time of training on the functionalities of the new machinery by the Production Coordinator of the cable trays production unit Paolo Belloni, a small celebration followed with a ribbon cutting by President Franco Spina, who concluded the inauguration speech “The company, thanks to the investments made and hard work, has grown exponentially in the last few years. It is important not to stop, but to keep going on. Only in this way can we grow more and more”.

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