Industrial Grounding systems

Spina designs and supplies industrial grounding systems that guarantee the safety of goods and people, using high quality components to protect against atmospheric discharges for earthing systems.

Grounding means the set of actions and systems aimed at bringing a metallic element to the electric potential of the ground. It is important to ensure grounding where dangerous situations can occur when parts of the electrical system that are not normally live, due to failures or unforeseen events, acquire an electrical potential with respect to the ground.

Earthing, in particular, protects people from the risk of electrocution, in practice from “indirect contacts”. It consists of one or more interconnected dispersers placed in the ground and a series of earth and protection conductors which connect the aforementioned disperser to the user appliances.


  • Earthing rods and accessories
  • Copper conductors
  • Earthing pits
  • Equipotential connections
  • Connection systems
  • Lighting rods and accessories
  • Surge arresters

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