Aegean Refinery project (ARP)

Turkey / Aliaga / Oil&Gas / 2018

STAR refinery, the name of the project started in 2014 and concluded in the first months of 2018 that gave birth to one of the largest refineries in Western Turkey. Azerbaijan state-owned oil company Socar commissioned the construction of a refinery in Aliaga, in the west of Turkey, with the aim of reducing the country’s dependence on raw material imports, in particular for diesel, fuel, gas and naphtha. The numbers speak for themselves: an investment of 5.7 billion dollars to build a refinery that, when fully operational, will have an annual production of 4.8 million tons of ultralight diesel, 1.6 million tons of naphtha, 420 000 tons of mixed xylene, 1.6 million tons of fuel, 320,000 tons of LPG, 690,000 tons of oil and 160,000 tons of sulfur, using technologies aimed at respecting the environment.

Spina, within this impressive project, was responsible for the supply of one of the chemical laboratories, the Motor Control Station and the Grounding and Lightning Materials.

Chemical laboratory: the company took care of the design, the design of the technical furniture and the connected systems (including the special gas plant), the procurement of the material, the expediting, the project management of the sub-vendors, the inspection, documents & quality management as well as the final phase of Erection and Commissioning.

In the Gas Distribution system, which is closely related to the creation of the Laboratory, Spina has developed a special gas system in accordance with current regulations. A significant activity in the plant was the welding of the pipes, carried out with an orbital welding machine directly on site to guarantee the correct sealing of the system.

Motor Control Station and Grounding System: Spina came into play with two of the products at the forefront of its offer, producing 312 local control stations in Ex-E GRP and winning the supply contract of 571 km of materials for the earthing system.

As Fabio Mazza, the company’s operations director, explains, “We took care of the technical furnishings, providing personalized banknotes both in terms of choice of materials and sizes, sink counters with accessories, glassware cabinets and hoods.This supply also included safety cabinets for the storage of chemical substances and flammable substances, ATEX-certified refrigerators, designed to prevent accidental switching on of the contents of the refrigerator – suitable for storing solids, chemicals and flammable liquids.The gas distribution system was designed by the company in accordance with all the regulations in force, releasing the respective declarations of conformity: specialized workers took care of installing the materials supplied by us, from supports to valves, to special gases such as Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen oxide, Oxygen, Argon, Air, Helium, Acetylene.

We have supplied every single component of the system, coils, cylinders, first stage reducers, safety valves and solenoid valves, non-return flame valve, bench and room shut-off valves, second stage reducers


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