Central Electrique Congolese (CEC) Power Plant Expansion

Congo / Energy / 2018

The Congo Electric Power Station, established in 2007 at the behest of an 80% company owned by the Congolese government and 20% by Eni Congo, consists of two gas turbines, each with 150 megawatts fueled by natural gas. Currently the plant covers over 50% of the country’s electricity demand with broad prospects that the percentage will grow.

There are two interesting aspects concerning the power plant: on the one hand the environmental impact, since the plant re-uses the excess natural gas that until few years ago was flared and on the other hand safety, since the number of accidents occurred is zero.

Spina has certainly contributed to the success of this plant by supplying a wide selection of electrical equipment: BT electrical cables cable trays and related accessories, explosion-proof material, earthing material, lighting poles, spare parts. It has therefore proved important, for the achievement of the safety objective, the design and supply of systems that guarantee the safety of goods and people, using high quality components to protect against atmospheric discharges for earthing systems. Spina has in fact supplied lighting equipment such as poles, posts, conduits, junction boxes, socket groups, flexible pipes, fittings, cable glands, MV terminations both for Safe Area and ATEX area and mechanical supports expertly selected according to project specifications by of the dedicated technical office.

Marco Spina, Managing Director states- “Choosing Spina, today more than ever, means relying on a single interlocutor who knows how to make the difference on the selection of the product that it supplies and produces. We are able to follow the process step-by-step by responding to the customer’s needs in order to reach a joint goal.”


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