JSC navoiyazot nitric acid production plant

Uzbekistan / Navoi / Petrochemical / 2019

Navoiyazot, located in Navoi Region, is the largest chemical company in Uzbekistan, a territory that possesses over 1644 deposits of more than 100 types of mineral resources, including natural gas, potash, phosphates and other feedstock for chemical industry.

The plant was commissioned in 1964 with the purpose of ensuring further modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of the chemical industry and the introduction of modern highly efficient production technologies. The plant is specialized in the production of nitrogen fertilizers, nitronic fiber, as well as integral products of organic synthesis.

Ammonium nitrate and other products of JSC Navoiyazot are successfully exported to many countries. One of the main objectives and priorities of the enterprise is to expand its export capacity. Today, only about one third of products are sold for export to 20 countries. Major partners include long-standing customers in the region, such as Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan markets.

The plant consists of five main manufacturing departments: the department for production of ammonia stages I, II and III, the department for organic production, the department for production of acrylic fiber Nitron, the department for production of caustic soda and small-scale chemical production department. The production departments incorporate workshops for the production of nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer, acetaldehyde and acetic acid, acrylonitrile, methyl acrylate, ammonium sulfate, thiourea, and others.

The company has tremendously benefited from the economic policies introduced by the government of the country. Thanks to government support and economic policy of Uzbekistan, Navoiyazot could and can attain its core objectives as focus on manufacturing marketable products which are in high demand on the foreign market, the expansion of product range and line, and reduction of production costs. Today, Navoiyazot employs more than 11000 professionals.

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