Direct Reduction Tosyali Plant

Algeria / Bethioua / Energy / 2018

The project launched for the Tosyali iron plant in Bethioua, Algeria, consisted of building the world’s largest multiple direct reduced iron (DRI) plant. Direct reduction refers to processes which reduce iron oxides to metallic iron at temperatures below the melting point of iron. The product of such solid state processes is called direct reduced iron.

Tosyali plant can now produce high quality, low impurity steels as well as decrease their demand for imported scrap. The two main benefits of DRI are concerned with lower specific electricity consumption and increased productivity. The energy savings occur because less energy is required to heat the DRI to melting temperature, resulting in a shorter overall melting cycle and thus in reduced electricity consumption.


Spina handled every step of the supply process from the analysis of the project requirements to the shipping of the material. Spina has provided a customized service by supplying mechanical material, such as fittings for conduit system in explosion-proof electrical installation and by commissioning the Chemical Laboratory.

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