Modernization Programme of the Bruxelles Metro

Belgium / Bruxelles / Infrastructures / 2019

Spina has been involved in the Modernization Programme of the Bruxelles Metro, managed by the Société des Transports Intercom. de Bruxelles, also known as STIB.  The STIB, responsible for developing a fluid public transport network in and around the Brussels-Capital Region, is constantly innovating and modernizing to ensure its efficiency in order to meet this growing demand.

The Brussels metro was constructed and opened in the 1970s and it was built on the existing pre-metro of the 1960s, a system of tunnels and stations to match the size and demands of a metro system. The pre-metro was operated by trams, then these infrastructures were progressively adapted, in phases, until trams were replaced by the metro.

The modernization of the Belgian capital metro brought the introduction of new technologies while improving comfort and user convenience and Spina, thanks to its 30 years’ experience in the Infrastructures field, was able to provide the best solution in terms of service and materials. As a matter of fact, the company manufactured and supplied cable trays and accessories and bulk material for the correct functioning of the metro system.

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