Proyecto Modernizacion Refinería Talara

Peru / Talara / / 2022

Spina Group contributed as a supplier of laboratory material to the realization of the expansion and modernization project of the Refinería Talara, located in the city of Talara, on the northwest coast of Peru.

The main scopes of the project are on the one hand to increase the refining capacity in terms of the number of barrels per day, and on the other hand to increase the processing flexibility of a wider range of petroleum products.

In particular, Spina Group has been able to supply material for the construction of laboratories for hydrogen and nitrogen production and purification plants, sulfuric acid, desalination and demineralization of sea water, treatment of waste water and storage of rainwater, cogeneration plants.

The project also aims to make improvements in terms of economy, health and the environment, as:

  • It will reduce the risk of fuel shortage in the country
  • It will create new direct and indirect jobs
  • Through new refining technologies, air quality will improve

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