Made in Italy brands

The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified. This means continuous improvement of processes and efficiency and effectiveness of results. The Schiavetti Tekno line including cable trays and accessories, Eurocavi line including special electrical cables are produced in the plant of San Donato Milanese, while the Atex line including explosion proof junction boxes, control stations, racks is produced in the production site of San Giuliano Milanese.

Schiavetti Tekno is the product line specialized in standard and tailor made cable trays and accessories. The acquisition of new automated machines has allowed for the best quality of products. Many products of Schiavetti Tekno have achieved the UL certification and can be customized according to the required certification. The production line offers:

  • Cable ladders
  • Closed/perforated cable trays
  • Cable tray covers
  • Bolts, shelves and plates
  • Profiles
  • Fixing accessories

Eurocavi is the production unit of standard and special electrical industrial cables, designed for applications in high-corrosion or explosion risk environments. All cables are manufactured in accordance with national and international standards (CEI, EN IEC, BS, NF, VDE). The production line offers:

  • LV and MV cables
  • Coaxial energy cables and fiber optic
  • Instrument cables and thermocouples
  • Cable accessories
Published on 01.09.2019

Atex is the production line specialized in the production of explosion-proof, electrical equipment and related accessories for hazardous industrial environments according to international standards (UL, ATEX, NEC, IECEX). The production line offers:

  • Junction boxes
  • Local panels
  • Control stations
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Plugs and sockets
  • Cable glands
  • Pipe unions and accessories
Published on 01.09.2019