Laboratories & workshops

Lab equipment & supplies, Workshop tools

Laboratories and workshops are not simply a set of tools and equipment, but they are the result of a careful study of many aspects such as calculation and distribution of utilities, design of bases and anchors, dimensioning of suction systems, optimization of spaces, etc. which are fundamental for their correct functioning and for the safety for those who work there.

Spina has many years of experience and references in major companies, in the design, supply and installation of complete solutions in various industrial sectors both onshore and offshore.

We are in contact with major manufacturers of instruments, tools, machines and analyzers worldwide, therefore we are in the position to supply either specific brands required by customers’ vendor list or to propose the best compromise between employment needs, budget and delivery time.

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  • Engineering support
  • Laboratory layout
  • Instrumentation and technical documentation supply
  • On-site supervision during commissioning and start-up
  • Training in the field

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